Jim Wangers, the man most closely associated with the advertising and promotion of Pontiac during the glory days of the 60s and 70s, the man affectionately termed, the "Godfather of the GTO" has decided to "thin the heard". Jim is not only offering his prized GTOs up for sale, he is also offering his collection of Trans Ams—a complete set of Anniversary Edition cars—a '69, a '79, an '89 and a '99 convertible.

These Pontiacs all have significant meaning to Jim Wangers and now is your chance to own a piece of Pontiac memorable significance...a Pontiac from the Jim Wangers Collection!

Each car comes with its complete PHS (Pontiac Historic Services documentation) and can be personally autographed by Jim Wangers for you, the new owner.

These wonderful Pontiacs—all cars from the Jim Wangers Collection are "drivers" not "trailer queens". They do what they were built to do...run and have fun. They all look great and are certainly worth a closer look!

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2000 Holden Commodore HSV GTS-R


The "very" car that inspired Bob Lutz to seek from Holden (GM's Australian car maker) a car for U.S. buyers—the '04 Pontiac GTO.

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