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In 1965 Jim Wangers devised the idea of racing two identically prepared GTOs at NHRA events to promote the exciting performance of the GTO.  In 1966 the GeeTO Tiger program was in full swing and is today recognized as one of the most exciting Pontiac promotions ever created.

Well, he has done it again!  With the help of today's leading aftermarket suppliers, Jim Wangers has recreated the GeeTO Tiger.  Since 2002 the "new" GeeTO Tiger has performed at Pontiac events thrilling crowds around the country.  The "Beat the Tiger" program is run at many of these events giving local Pontiac racers the opportunity to race their car against the GeeTO Tiger to not only win some great prizes but more importantly to boast that they "Beat the Tiger."

The "Tiger can be bought."  Well, we have borrowed that line from a famous Pontiac ad about the Judge and today the line is true!  The GeeTO Tiger Show is touring the country this summer.  If you would like information on bringing the GeeTO Tiger to your event, drop us a line at dave@geetotiger.com.