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Jim Wangers and the GeeTO Tiger

Jim Wangers didnít create the GTO, but he certainly was responsible for building the mystique that surrounds the legendary Pontiac.  One such program that fed the publicís hunger for excitement was the 1966 GeeTO Tiger Show.  Jump ahead more than 35 years and Jim Wangers is at it again.  Jim Wangers and a host of vendor partners reincarnated the legendary 1966 GeeTO Tiger in late 2001.  In 2002 the GeeTO Tiger roared to life at Pontiac events across the country demonstrating its tremendous nostalgic appeal, reviving an emotion that energized Pontiac enthusiasts of all ages.

The new GeeTO Tiger is one of the most recognized GTOs within the Pontiac community.  The Tiger continues to draw interest from fans and event promoters coast-to-coast.  Thanks to the support of a great group of performance and aftermarket partners the GeeTO Tiger roars louder than ever. 

Powered by a Butler Performance 505 cubic inches engine produces 764 hp using an AllPontiac.com IA II block, this 3600 pound Tiger made a best 1/4 mile pass of 10.31 ET at 130 MPH on a Mickey Thompson 28x10.5 tire

New Best 1/8 Mile ET

In August of 2012 at Rolling Thunder Dragstrip in Council Bluffs, IA, the GeeTO Tiger driven by Dave "Big Injun" Anderson went a personal best in the 1/8 mile with a 6.62 ET at over 103 MPH.

Best (most fun) Match Race

In the "Beat the Tiger" match race program during the summer of 2012, Big Injun Dave went undefeated behind the wheel of the GeeTO Tiger. A highlight of the summer was his win over Kyle Freese at the Ames Performance Pontiac Nationals where Big Injun Dave cut a .004 light. Kyle's dad, Paul, in an attempt to intimidate Dave persuaded Arnie "the Farmer" Beswick  to aid Kyle by putting Kyle into the burnout box and helping him stage. Arnie's assistance only intensified Big Injun Dave's concentration, leading the the excellent reaction time.

A GR-RRReat and memorable "Beat the Tiger" match race for Kyle and the Tiger...


Here is a photo of the Big Injun Dave and the GeeTO Tiger in action at the Pontiac Nationals.

Photo by Thom Trafford

The GeeTO Tiger performing at the 2011 Jim Wangers GTOAA Drags